Sunday, January 30, 2022

Three Poems by Rob Plath


ear to ear over ashes

i thought i saw my father

on the street the other day

then i remembered

that he’s all ash

& i grinned

but still avoided the man

i’ve had enough of monsters

& to hell w/ his doppelgänger too

i had no desire to speak

to a goddamn soul

i strolled beneath september sun

all two hundred & six bones

basking in its warm wild hooks

on a sunday stroll

between two tombstones

i watched ants drag a beetle 

down the hole of their hill

& that’ll be my exit too

on this cemetery planet


one day


will find this


file cabinet

drawers full

of pinned


& folders of


& spleen-stains

& bloody

doodles, etc

or maybe it’ll

be chucked into

the steel jaws

of the goddamn

garbage truck

the maggots

will laugh at

either scenario

as they wiggle

thru the corridors

of my flesh

& the sun will

keep shining

& dung planet

keep spinning

w/ out me

but for now

i keep flicking

nightcrawlers off

my suit of skin

& feeding

the dark tower

© 2022 rob plath

bio: rob plath writes like he has a velociraptor at his back. he loves cats & the moon.