Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alternate Lanes debuts at the West Hollywood Book Festival!

Mr. Lawrence of Rabbia, a rider of the Expo Line, poses pretty with a stack of Alternate Lanes.

     This past Sunday (9/30/12), Sybaritic Press vended at the West Hollywood Book Festival. Despite the triple digits, Carmegeddon 2, and the L.A. Triathalon, which cut down on the attendance, we managed to sell off 93% of our print run of Alternate Lanes (copyright 2012 Sybaritic Press), meet some great people, and reconnect with friends.:) As a personal bonus, I found some new poetry books to review from What Books Press, and Le Figues Press, as well as a near-pristine copy autographed copy of Buddhism and Psychology by Manly P. Hall.

 Alternate Lanes writers Jerry (grateful, not dead) Garcia, and Tess. Lotta. 

Special thanks to the following: Sigrid Hudson Bishop (for her patience, most of all!), Angel Uriel Perales, Anthony Torchia, B.C. Petrakos, Rina Rose, Lynne Bronstein, Deborah Edler Brown, Jim Bolt, Julia Stein, Tess. Lotta, Jerry Garcia, Sunshine Lliteras (The pretty girl with the umbrella and Mr. Lawrence of Rabbia), Phil Macnamara, and, every new customer who purchased a book, and braved the heat to support literacy.

Sunshine Lliteras and Mr. L. are ready for their close-up!

     Check back here for a schedule of readings for Alternate Lanes. And, don't forget, we have both a trade paperback version, and, an ebook version available for purchase!:)

article content and photos © 2012 marie lecrivain

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