Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Three Pieces: "White Gold", "Mixtape", and Stoner" by Scott Kaestner

 White Gold (A covid tale)

I was at Costco yesterday afternoon and what do you know... I stumbled upon

an entire row full of toilet paper. White gold, two-ply porcelain everywhere

the eye could see.

And we face-masked customers rejoiced into our own breath, so excited to wipe our asses without worry for a little while.

“I’m gonna surprise my wife and splurge for the Charmin Quilted!” exclaimed an old man as he quickly ran past me.

“Me too!” I replied.

One by one, we hoisted toilet paper into our shopping carts as if it were the

Stanley Cup.

These are strange days indeed and priorities have shifted, but at least some of us zombies will have clean assholes when the aliens land.

© 2020 scott kaestner

                                                        "last roll" © 2020 marie c lecrivain


I am from generation

mixtape nation

where dual cassette decks

led to first kisses

in basement bedrooms

trying to not wake up parents

fingers pressing buttons

recording moments of bliss

music played past midnight

anthems to new experiences.

© 2020 scott kaestner


You are what you bring

to the buzz

is not


sage stoner advice

but also

a way

of life.

© 2020 scott kaestner

Bio: Scott C. Kaestner is a Los Angeles poet, writer, dad, husband, and abides by the principles of ‘you do you.’ Google ‘scott kaestner poetry’ to peruse his musings and doings.

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