Friday, March 5, 2021

Women's History Month: Friday, March 5, 2021: BC Petrakos's poem "That Song No One Sang"

That Song Noone Sang


I am woman

I am an object - and it pisses me off

Unless the man is hot

Then I forgot

Any sense I ever knew


I am woman

I will give my self away

To any one who will say

The things I want hear

So the tale repeats

Year after year

I am woman


And as I age

Unsettled rage

Flows into the corner of my mind

Until I exhaust myself and find

I did it all

It was the choices that I made

Pretence and vain charade

I lost and never saved

How big the fall


And now a crone

Dyed hair over the grey

Alive an still afraid

Did I learn?

It’s all a game

And it must be well played

Your body and soul saved

As time is like a candle


© 2021 BC Petrakos

Bio: B.C. Petrakos is a playwright, author, performance artist, and has the honor t
o have been published in various literary publications. She’s the co-founder of
International Word Bank Publications, and has the privilege to be part of
publishing award-winning poets, nationally, and internationally.

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