Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Chris Harden: Four Poems (and Two Spoken Word Pieces)

Ineffable Bond

Praises be to my beautiful Goddess of Love and Light,
This thing we have, this thing we do, feels so good, it feels so right.
I am blessed by your gaze and to stand in your Light.
This ineffable bond we share that draws us in,
Its name we may never know,
it must be nurtured, it must be fed,
with Water and Sunshine, we will watch it grow.
Our union leaves a shimmering trail of golden dust.
Our Lust shone bare and carefully laid before the feet of the All.
By the All, for the All, and in the All we dance a timeless motion.
Chaotic donkey rhythms ripple the fabric of our world,
creating sounds which deliver the sermons of forever.
We chant as the universe harmonizes with us.
Our symphony of Life springs forth in the Joy of our rapture.
Down below, the Ruach will know,
how to capture these sentiments we seek.
Until we arrive we both shall strive to hover above the think.
For as soon as we think, we surely will sink,
bathed in the matter of Malkuthian lather,
birthed in a place filled with Joy.
Our adventurous stories are written for glory,
in the tombs of wise men of old.
And if once again, you would take my hand,
the dance shall start anew.
Through mystic Love we shall rise above,
while the universe is birthed and renewed.

© 2018 Chris Harden

The Face of My Goddess

The Gold of her hair, the Blue of her eyes,
shine forth like the face of my Goddess divine.
Inside we find a lambent flame of Blue.
Her curves like the continuity of existence,
convergent and smooth.
I accepted the dance with an unending expanse,
the omnipresence of her body did arch for me.
Her hands rained down like kisses to the ground,
the dew of her Light flows free.
Infinite Space and the Infinite Stars thereof
embrace me with sweetness and Love.
Division for its sake provides but the chance,
for our union birthed the world up above.
Her kisses transport me to another dimension,
a space which is timeless and vast.
Peacefully I rest, nestled in breasts,
of my Star Goddess whose face I caress.
Our timeless embrace creates just the space,
for hopes and dreams to manifest.
The bliss of our union and the dew of our Lust,
creates a gravity pulling us in.
The All is upon us devouring our bliss,’
there is no beginning or end.
Whirling and stirring we knew from the start,
that the Devil and Death make Art.
Abide with me, my sweetest Love,
always more, never the less.
As you bend down the Joy wells up,
another opportunity for Yes!

© 2018 Chris Harden

Love Conquers, Even in Filth,
or The Quarter Star Motel

Late night stop, O' Lucky U,
no vacancy here.
A shit hole by any other name should smell as bad.
Dried bubblegum on the ceiling,
a mess on the floor was much worse.
A tub filled with shit stains, and a fridge too gross to touch.
Sheets stained with piss, blood, and cum
had never been washed.
What a place for Stars to crash land.
How does one profess the Love of their Star Goddess
amidst the scum, garbage, and shit?
Her halo, brightly shone as I lay her gently on the bed.
Her eyes burning like Twin Suns.
Love conquers even in filth.
Curling up to place my head upon her breast.
A feeling of sand on our feet, under the sheets,
but someone had dumped out their whole bag of meth!
We pushed through to arrive at the Dawn.
The morning light only grossing us out even more.
We embraced through the night but left in great haste.
Love conquers, even in filth, and cuddles are never a waste.

© 2018 Chris Harden

The Mountain don't lie.
It's something you can trust.
Three J's lined up,
but a Master is only slain once.
The illusive power of the almighty Us,
but only a fool would think
they could kill a pile of dust.

© 2019 Chris Harden

Spoken Word


"The legend of Chris Harden is a long and winding tale. He lives in his
pirate-ship shaped house on the side of a glacier in the continental
divide of the Rocky Mountains. Here he is known as The Wizard
of Alice Mountain. He is a philosopher, magician, mathematician,
poet, musician, teacher, wizard, and a great devotee of Love. As an
avatar of Slack the Wizard of Alice spends much of his days working
to be an exemplar through the demonstration of Fun. He begets the
Art of Pushing Through. He daily strives to help others with pushing
through fear, doubt, confusions, etc ... He wields the weapons of the
Adept, Love and Light, striving to be a beacon of hope and to ignite
the fires of Love throughout the world."

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