Saturday, June 1, 2019

Three Poems by Timothy Paul Evans

Sing to It

“the great chain of being”
Sunbathers sprawled atop glaciers
Splashed in rainbow-pigment hues
Free floating eggs, arrowhead
Shaped shells nonchalantly
Drifting on the free exchange
Of ideas, a collective waiting
Up on a mountain waist deep
In snow-encrusted forest
Recorded on 16 mm reels of
Blank verse and alluded
To on postcards post marked
Just this morning, mythical
Rituals and shape shifting
Totemic spirits free falling
From the sensory deprivation
Long reserved only for
The dead

A Silenced Drumming

time to sit still
far from the tumult
of dancers in nowhere
the mischievous antics
upending conventional form
giving agency to the last
nightfall before the dog
days surrender to secrecy
and ciphers, the banality
of winter in all its allegorical
allusions to death before
rising again in the blue
salvation of St. Elmo’s fire
hanging out with language
trying to make a living, just
trying to get ahead, solving
an equation that can’t be
explained away by the music
of ancient bells heard
in a children’s book
once upon a time

A Fortnight of Tears Wiped Away on the
       Sleeve of a Condemned Man

in the ante room of
my dreams I can hear
the rustling of leaves
against the waning night
withered branches
moaning from the ache
of being thrashed about
by the unwelcome
winds of change in
the market value of
weddings and murders
committed in the name
of honor, the value of
a good slap to the head
to jar a memory loose from
its moorings to go floating
off into unexplored realms
of untethered ravings by
the learned men hung
by their wrists in their ivory
towers of learning for
learning’s sake, their cups
of Earl Grey, hot, leaning
over the precipice of an
open window overlooking
the afterthought of the newly
dead not yet tucked in in
among the roses reading
“Good Night Moon” to the
Mourners scattered amongst
The splintered trees of Calvary
Awaiting news as to the Carpenter

Being truly a man of his word

(c) 2019 Timothy Paul Evans

Timothy Paul Evans: Tim came to writing poetry late (in his 60’s). He finds it a great release from his busy schedule of rehearsing and appearing on the stage and in front of film and tv cameras. He recently appeared on stage at the Los Angeles Theater Center in “The Pitch” starring Paul Rodriguez. His poems have appeared in the 2016-2017 and 2018-2019 San Diego Poetry Annual as well as the 2018 National Beat Poetry Festival 10 Year Anthology. He is currently working on a one act play dealing with domestic violence in the immigrant community titled “A Dance” incorporating spoken word, music and dance.

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