Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tuesday, May 17, 2022: Maria A. Arana's poem "Climate Change for Starters"

        SoCal Fire 2020 © 2022 marie c lecrivain

Climate Change for Starters


he said, we’d be dead by 2030

they said, AI would be independent thinkers and movers by 2045

she said, to not eat animals, try the nuts instead

but nobody tried cleaning up after themselves


money talked the big talk

and leaders did the walk

so many options to help the earth

so little time to try the energy


when there were too many people unaware

maybe ignorance was once the issue

the internet’s swallowing us—

mindful slaves to an improper utopia


he said, war would come

they said, there’s no stopping it

she said, to tame the bees, they’re already dying

and the earth spins further into misery


further into itself

exposing the bones we buried

do you think earth will wait for you?

earth has waited long enough…


time to die


(note: AI = artificial intelligence)

© 2022 Maria A. Arana

Maria A. Arana is a teacher, writer, poet, and editor. Her poetry has been published in various journals including Spectrum, The Gonzo Press, and The Kleksograph. You can find her at https://twitter.com/m_a_Arana and https://aranaeditingservices.com

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