Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Women's History Month: Keiko Amano's Two Senryu and Photographs

side by side
eyes never meet
fight stopper

a beauty
among other beauties
called pretty

poems and photos (c) 2019 Keiko Amano 
Keiko Amano was born and reared in Yokohama, Japan. She writes both in English and Japanese. Her first book, Ocha Teacher, was published in 2015.  Some of her short stories and essays have appeared in magazines. In order of publication, most recent first, they have appeared in Poeticdiversity (US), the East Jasmine Review (US), the Bicycle Review (US), Contemporary Literary Horizon (Romania), and Eye-Ai (Japan). She was an infrastructure systems programmer for Farmers Insurance Group in Los Angeles for thirteen years and worked mainly at the data centers of various corporations in Japan and the U.S. She took many creative writing classes at UCLA Extension and attended Writers workshops. This is her second book.

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