Monday, March 25, 2019

Women's History Month: Lynne Thompson's "A Sadness for Sandra Bland"

A Sadness for Sandra Bland

Yellow from praying—
not from lemon nor from daffodil.
Always the whites surrounding the yolk.

Yoke of chain, of revolver,
shackle of never-ending.  Sandra turned
yellow from praying, from

pretending the war was done
in the South and in the North,
always the whites surrounding the yolk.

Yoke of fear, yoke of
tire-fire-necklace in South Africa,
her people gone yellow from praying,

questioning reconciliation & one day, we will
all be free and Sandra’s mother, too
is yellow from praying,

jaundiced by the deeds of cowards,
uncowered; needing to know why
the whites always surround the yolk while
her country fails to pray for the always yellow—

 © 2019 Lynne Thompson

BIO: Lynne Thompson is the author of Start with A Small Guitar 
(What Books Press, 2015) and Beg No Pardon (Perugia Press, 2007) 
winner the Great Lakes Colleges Association’s New Writers Award. Her l
atest manuscript, Fretwork (2019)was selected by Jane Hirshfield for 
the 2018 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize.  Recent work appears or is f
orthcoming in Poetry, Ploughshares, Ecotone, New England Review,
and Pleiades.

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