Monday, March 11, 2019

Women's History Month: Megha Sood's "Rise"

rise above the opinionated heads
on the stooping shoulder of the demised desires
on your sturdy legs or on the stilts
but rise and become the voice of the unspoken
the war cry of the mute
the hoarse whispers of the fallen
in the crevice of the night
when their tongue is sliced and gutted out
and vultures are feeding on their dead entrails
don't be a mute spectator
they will speak through you
like an apparition,
like a ghost in the machine,
and will beg you to stay
be a Messiah
ready to be burned at the stake
enrage their souls
buried deep with their shame
your tongue born out of the fire
raising the hair at the back of their neck
speaking in unborn tongue
like a catalyst for a revolution
you give them a mission
a purpose,
a reason for their crestfallen souls,
a tourniquet for their bleeding wounds,
a moment to survive,
a shiny glimpse of the future.
bedazzle them
rise like Phoenix
out of thin air
devour the stench of pointy accusations
Rise up to see a new dawn
like the hope
neatly tucked in the crevices

of an unbroken seed.

 © 2019 Megha Sood

Megha Sood lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is a contributing author/editor at GoDogGO Cafe, Candles Online, Free Verse Revolution, Whisper and the Roar,  and  a contributing editor at Ariel Chart.

Her works have been featured in 521 Magazine #Sideshow, Oddball, Pangolin Review, Fourth and Sycamore, KOAN ( Paragon press), Modern Literature, Visual Verse, V
ita Brevis, Modern Poetry, Spill Words Press, Indian Periodicals, Literary Heist, Little Rose Magazine, The Quiet Corner, Writer's Cafe Magazine, and coming up in Dime Show Review, Piker Press, Stray Branch, and many more. Her poetry has recently been published in the anthology We Will Not be Silenced by Indie Blu(e) Publishing, All the Lonely People by Blank Paper Press, and upcoming in three other anthologies by US, Australian and Canadian Press.

She recently won the 1st prize in NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Mental Health Poetry contest. She blogs at

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