Thursday, March 7, 2019

Women's History Month: Kitty Jospé's "Part of the Story"

Part of the Story 

Our hunger for love is so great, it was birthed in a manger. I think it is born again and again, and never will die.  
It is in stars, and music and so many stories.—7 year old girl

She noticed hunger comes
and goes
changes to hanger without any anger
which also comes
and goes,
changes the sound of its A when it spells
danger and angels seem to fall at angles.

She ate, and ate, but never could fill
and worked hard and harder, but never
could fit the bill of herself she required. 

It started the day her mother's anger was so strong,
what grown-ups call irrational, bristling, bitter,
vitriolic, rancorous anger. How could she not feel
it was against her when it pushed her mother
to pick up a knife, and lunge at her…?
That memory lingered—
It would come
   then go and still lingers,
comes again, hung in her hunger to hurry,
to finish, then scurry on to something—
she doesn't want to miss…just in case…
but it goes
without reassuring her of her worth.
She still hangs in this memory each time
she is mistreated.
     Will she figure out
that what comes, does not have to stay?
Have you?
How would you be part of her story?

© 2019 Kitty Jospé

Kitty Jospé has authored five books, including Twilight Venus (FootHills Publishing).  Her work has appeared in numerous local and national journals such as Atlanta Review, Calyx, Grasslimbs, Nimrod.  Bilingual in French/English, (MA French Literature, NYU; worked in Belgium for the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design)  she retired from teaching French in 2006 to pursue an MFA (Pacific University, OR). She gives tours in both languages as docent at the Memorial Art Gallery; lectures on language and art as tools for deeper understanding and offers weekly poetry appreciation courses at the public library since February 2008.

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