Thursday, March 14, 2019

Women's History Month: Donna Marie Merritt's "Litany of Bosses"

In high school, I worked in an office
for arrogant R. When R let me go
he said he'd call if something
changed. I told him not to
bother. Only seventeen
but already I was headstrong
enough to know I would
not work for jerks

Scooping ice cream
was fun for a summer
but N was furious when I moved on
Why did I need college, he wanted to know,
when I already had a career?

I do not remember the names
of the people who owned the preschool in Prospect
I do remember they promised us a raise
after six months
Turns out they hired new staff
every six months
We were not allowed to say good-bye to the children
I do not remember the names
of the people who owned the preschool in Prospect
but karma does

J was an older woman
never married
lived with her sister
Power Hungry
She was the principal who prided herself
on making children and new teachers cry

Kevin was a caring principal
Chip was an involved principal
Both were replaced by
the new superintendent's lackeys

I moved on
Editors were a quirky bunch, but likeable

Then came the EC team
Brilliant group. We worked together well
D had the HR person do her dirty work
Laid me off with no warning
Gave me a box to pack my stuff
I was one of many but that did not ease the sting
D, keep in mind that karma thing

Sue treated everyone with respect
and made me feel like a person again
but she was accompanied by
A and M
who threw two-year-old tantrums
They were so full of hot air it's a wonder
they did not float into the blue and explode

Tony was compassionate
and let me know my work was valued
but he was accompanied by
TB, who had a vision problem
In all fairness, it is hard to see
when you have your head
shoved that far up your own ass
K, karma will recall
your temper and pettiness
while it commemorates
Frank's acceptance and approval

And finally, the other J
who confused
speaking softly with
speaking kindly
J, I hope karma takes a mighty bite
of your rotunderous derriere

Never piss off a poet

© 2019 Donna Marie Merritt

Donna Marie Merritt is a poet and children’s author. Her sixth book of poetry is No Winter Maintenance: Pass at Your Own Risk, YBK Publishers, New York. her poems have also appeared in periodicals, school reading programs, and language arts books. Children’s anthology contributions include The Poetry of Us (National Geographic), Book of Nature Poetry (National Geographic), and One Minute Till Bedtime (Little, Brown). Donna’s seventeenth children’s book, Teensy Meensy Mice, illustrated by Ed Heck, was recently released.

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  1. Terrific!! And, yes, I know the "R" to whom you refer.