Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday, March 22, 2020: National Women's Month: Heather Schubert's poems "Wound Tight", "Woman", and "Insomnia"

Wound Tight

All tied up in knots
A yarn ball of raw emotions
Wound tight
Spun strong
Cork stopped

Waiting to burst
Erupt in a single fashion
Of colors and dye lots
Shades of blues and greens

Spilling emotions
Onto the blank pages of my mind
I dip my brush into those watery hues
And glide free.
© 2020 Heather Schubert
(Previously published in the anthology called Little Letters on the Skin, published as a partnership between the Cleave: Bay Area Women Writers Reading Series and The Liminal Writing Center.)


Red paint drips
From stained glass lips.
Cracked, broken and shattered

Sapphire eyes like
Swallowed jewels
We cry,
Into the deep well
Of a bottomless soul.
Gouged out through cages made of ribs.

Hanging on by the skin of reality’s teeth.
One breath left,
To tip,
Woman over the edge.

Divinity beyond design.
Then, in the end,
Her heart stops her dead.
© 2020 Heather Schubert

                                                    Pinky on Detroit Ave by Marie C Lecrivain


It’s 3 am in my ancient digital land.
How can I lose myself,
When GPS won’t let me?
Social medial festers.

Yet I’m alone,
Though everyone knows my name,
Tweets my pics and likes my page.

I want to understand
What glues me together
And what sets me apart.

Demons swell in my throat.
As words shoot straight from my soul

Things you won’t find on Google, MSN or Bing.
But the internet won’t let me forget,
No matter how hard I try.
That I’m just a carbon copy,
No better than a lie.
© 2020 Heather Schubert

Bio: Heather Schubert was a writer in residence at the Liminal Writing Center. Her poems, articles and other writing have been published in a variety of books, newsletters and magazines for the past 25 years as well as online as part of an anthology series. She has an essay and poems in the anthology Little Letters on the Skin, which is a collaboration between the Bay Area Women’s Cleave and The Liminal Writing Center, and can be found on She is currently working on volume two of the Daughter’s of Babalon Anthology series, a collaboration of collected poems by Aleister Crowley and a book that delves into the spiritual aspects of orgasmic birth. Daughters of Babalon Volume One can be found online at She is also a visual artist who works in various mediums and has an online store,

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