Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020: National Women's Month: Annette Marie Smith's poem "Of Course They Got The Story Wrong"

Of Course They Got The Story Wrong

Of course they got the story wrong
painted me as tempted by an outside force
when every woman knows
that all temptation
comes from within
and is usually prompted
by curiosity and whim.
Where and when does a piece of fruit become
a metaphor
for everything that has ever been desired
and denied? And who am I to know?

At the beginning, some call it Eden, the place AND the time
and some call me Eve.
Here is the real story
or as close an approximation as you'll get
peering through the mists of myth and time.
I am a shapeshifter
and carry coils in me
of snakes to charm
as well as harm.
Sometimes I wear my snakes as long locks
and then I am called Medusa, among other things.

I am more than one woman
I am all women and I was never taken from rib or side or hide
I was already threading my way through antediluvian trees
before the man came to be.
I am snake and woman both
and am remembered so in humanity's
racial memory as Cihuacōātl, Angitia, and more.

I have worn bell skirts and bare breasts,
gleaming scales and undress
always I am the seductress
with persimmons, blood oranges, and nectar heavy peaches
up my sleeves (when I wear them).

So, about Adam. I met him first when I was going by Lilith
at which time his naivety offended me.
Later I took pity (and take note that pity can be a most
motivating factor) on him and used what simple signs
and means that he would understand to strike out on his own
and not be rooted by intimidation of knowing
the obtaining of which most often results in growing
and swayed him to be ready for such
for there was a spoken agreement (an unwritten law)
that he should remain infantalized
I merely exercised
my nurturing nature in helping him mature.

Some see disobedience in what we did
but I say it was the first real act of bravery
long before the king of Tyre led his rebellion
against the very root of authoritarian tyranny.
I am Eve, mother of all rebellion and keeper of the seeds.

© 2020 Annette Marie Smith

Bio: Annette Marie Smith is a freelance journalist, an author, artist, and poet. She is
the founder and curator of the international feminist project, Facing Feminism. Her
articles have appeared in print throughout the United States and internationally and
her poetry has been translated into German, French, and Italian. Her poetry has
been nominated for a Pushcart prize and has been featured on the trains and buses
of Minnesota's Metro Transit. She's performed as Featured Poet at the famed
Spoken Word Paris, in Paris, France (and longs to do so again!). She is currently
happily at work on a novel of magical realism.

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