Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thursday, March 12, 2020: National Women's Month: BC Petrakos' poem "Brave"


Sis Women
Disappointed? Disconnected, oh so busy AND "Brave"
So Very Fucking Brave baby, 
So Fucking "Brave"
Ladies ain't 
no more
We "Brave"
Don't open the doors for us
Dont help us fix the flat on the side of the road
Don't help us at all
Oh… what? Weren't going to help?
Oh?... that’s cool
We don't need anyone
We got this 
We ALL " Brave" now
Like the Trannies 
that be Replacing us
We Got rainbow eyeshadow, now
We all "Brave" 
Like a Movie Date with
Your Dog in a neck scarf - 
Talk to yourself in the kitchen at midnight- "Brave"
Another glass of wine, make it two
"I Date Girls now, no really I do"
Fat Girls In Spandex 
Desperate and Easy, 
We all be
"Brave" now
So, very "Brave"
Aren't we just?
Aren't we just? 
In our
Shout-y face
Pink and Bright Red
"Look at me" hair
Swipe right for Mr. Wrong 
 We all be "Brave" now
Protesting, starving, screaming and   Yesss Queen..."Brave"
 We are
"Brave" now baby 
We ALL "Brave" Now 
All us Women be
Roaring- just like the songs say
And We "Brave" 
But ain't
"Brave" just another word for
Just a Band-aid 
For the bleeding wound of 

Scared of being invisible
Scared of being alone
Scared of being forgotten
Scared of our own choices
And the devastating results,
No, no,
never mind
Not scared, lonely, forgotten,
Silly, self-abusing, no, no,no, 
Women be

© 2020 B.C. Petrakos

Bio: B.C. Petrakos is a playwright, author, performance artist, and has the honor t
o have been published in various literary publications. She’s the co-founder of
International Word Bank Publications, and has the privilege to be part of
publishing award-winning poets, nationally, and internationally.

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