Wednesday, March 22, 2017

National Women's Month: #2 of a Five-Part Collaboration Between AJ Meier Welch and Marie C Lercrivain

45 Bye-Bye from the series “Drawings of a Mad Saleswoman”© 2017 AJ Meier Welch, watercolor ink and pen on Bristol paper

After AJ Meier Welch's 45 Bye-Bye

Tears… blood… sweat… urine...
drops of matter engendered
by millions of mothers, daughters,
aunts, sisters, and friends who saw
their hopes and dreams washed down
the drain the day you ascended
the world stage. You swore to
represent us, the ones you regard
as nothing more than pretty faces
in a crowd, and pointed your index fingers
at us pistols loaded with evil intent.

What do you know of suffering,
privation, or of sacrificing
the last shard of self
to make a future for the ones
you love? You, who are steeped
in gold-plated privilege and
prestige you never earned?

What do you know of success,
which, for many of us,
includes holding your head high,
and accepting failure with grace?

What will happen the day
you look up into the sky
as the reign of womanhood
pours over you, a rising tide
whose bitter waters
will fill your mouth and ears
with the sound of silent sorrow?

Will it be enough
to stop your heart?

Will it be enough?

© 2017 marie c lecrivain

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