Wednesday, March 1, 2017

National Women's Month: Gwyndyn Alexander's Poem "America Year Zero"

The taste of ashes in my mouth today is bitter. Yesterday, I awoke full of hope, listening for the sound of breaking glass as that final ceiling shattered. Instead, we all heard the first echo of marching boots, of the kicking in of doors, of the rattling rumble of tanks last seen in Tianamen Square. The ashes I taste are from waving amber grain burning in a firestorm of hate and lies and bigotry unleashed. The lady in the harbor has doused her torch. Yesterday I was a woman full of hope. Today I am an unperson in Putin's America. Today I am small and frightened and tired. Today I am ashes and sackcloth and mourning robes. Tomorrow, though, I will look ahead to a future I will help build. I will ignite the fires of hope and anger and love. I will spit out these ashes. I will change my cerements for feathers. Tomorrow the struggle begins. Tomorrow I will create and build and strive. Tomorrow I will fly.

©  2017 Gwyndyn Alexander

Bio: Gwyndyn Alexander is a poet, activist, and bad influence. She lives in New Orleans with her husband, and her cat Scout. Her personal motto is "Be the parade you want to see in the world."

Visit Gwyndon's Amazon page for more information, and to purchase her books of poetry.

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