Friday, March 10, 2017

National Women's Month: Carly Bryson's poem "Sides"

Sides My friends have all taken sides collective vs collective I sit with my nose pressed to the dirty glass Watching as they roam the streets Striking each other with well worn slurs Then crying into the social media equiv. Of a boob tube with test pattern eyes Lamenting about the unfairness of it all While I sort of want them all to understand What it really means to suffer

© 2017 Carly Bryson

Carly Bryson lives in Houston, Texas and writes poetry and prose about cracked dirt, the desert, lonesome highways, dirty rotten wars,nasty city air, pending dystopia and the frailty of the human condition.


  1. As I mentioned, Hello there!

    Nice conclusion. I sense often malady befalls the most surprised of us. Then we are still petty or become grateful for our blessings.

    Though I know a bunch of almost-homeless young people, prostitutes and hustlers. They aren't fuckin petty.

    <3 ya, babe

  2. Sorry, I couldn't edit out my bad word. : (