Saturday, March 25, 2017

National Women's Month: Part Three in a Five-Part Collaboration between AJ Meier Welch and Marie C Lecrivain

ONE DROP from the series “Drawings of a Mad Saleswoman”© 2017 AJ Meier Welch, watercolor pen, colored marker, and ink on Bristol paper.

After AJ Meier Welch’s “One Drop”

I never liked the little girl I was,
always being told to stay quiet,
be good, don’t talk back
to strangers who called
my stories lies, and who
never understood the gift
of being born one’s own muse.

I wish I’d grown up in a world
where my tales were lauded
by my peers, and where my poems
could burst forth into starry blossoms  
like those on the almond tree
in my backyard every spring.

Instead, I took refuge in other stories,
and added bits to my dark garden,
where they germinated in silence.
I gave birth to awkward poems
and shared these imperfect creations,
fervid, and on the defense against
other wordsmiths and bards
who welcomed me as one
of their own, not realising,
until, one day, when a fledgling
came into our circle with a notebook
clutched tightly to her chest, and
eyes lit with a defiant hope,
that was once me… and that
we’re all links in a chain
that leads back to Mother Muse,
each of us born from a single
perfect tear dropped into
the maelstrom of the world.

© 2017 marie c lecrivain

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