Saturday, March 11, 2017

National Women's Month: Mona Jean Cedar's poem "The Cup"

When the Cup is Full you can’t Pour in anymore.
Ya gotta empty (POUR) your cup
Before you Pour more.
Never Worry; Not Enough
Gotta get a Big-ger Cup
Don’t be Afraid to be Without
Heaven’s got Lots more to pour
this Pouring-out and Pouring-in
it is’ the Change that Must Begin

If Your Time-Cup is Full w/ a Crammed Schedule?
Inflexible, Immutable, impervious to Change
(Set, Impossible, Stay “Y” Same)
How do you Expect to Reform and Refine? (Become Improve)
Don’t even have a Goal in mind…
(Warn) & People are always Steal-ing your Time.
Can you? Yes. Can you? Yes. Can you? Yes, Yes, Yes Yes,
(put xxxx in schedule)
Time’s all gone; there’s nothing left
Gotta Eat, Sleep, (put in schedule)
Wanta Create & Meditate, or
Party (“y” & Drink) TV (Look TV Watch)
Study, Maybe be with Family (Mingle Family)
so Choose; it’s up to you. (Decide Self)
it’s Your Cup; fill it up (pour)

is Your Brain-Cup Full of Worries and Maybes
of Futures un-happened (Late)
and Pasts so long gone (Finish w/ hand slaps)
Guessing, Obsessing, Stressing
(R) Gotta; (L) Hafta; (R)Oughta; (L) Should
Who Says so? (Question Mark)
Mom & Daddy?
Teachers, Lovers always Adding
Their Beliefs into Your Cup…
You’re Old Enough to Know
Don’t be so Gullible xxx (Pour Glup xxxx)
be Responsible
Know what is there and Why

If your Heart-Cup is Full of Complaining & Anger,
of Blaming the Other; Comparing the un-Fair!
Jealousy does not behoove you (Benefit)
that Poison will Hard-en
it’ll Hurt Your own Heart (Block)
& Only You have the Power to Help/(Become) it to Heal
But They Need Me Insults & Injuries Thoughts From Them
2 3 1
Chase Compete Stone Cold Combat Stupid Dumb Imbecile
1 2 3
Strict Toxic Evil Stuck
1 3 2
That’s (Safe) Enough (cut throat) I Am (Hn) Full! (Overwhelmed)
(hands up)

(Pour, Relieve)
right ( point here) Now
Perceive; behold the Beauty
right ( point here) Now,
Trust in your Safety
Know - you Need Nothing – just Be ( Mtn. Pose)

It – doesn’t – matter How it got there ( LPour into RCup)
Ya just Gotta get it out (R Pour out)
Might not (-) be Easy, Maybe need some Therapy
Dig deep (Analyse)& be ruthless (Strick)
Those Old Habits will not Help you;
they’re just holding you back. (noose)
let Loose the noose ; Pour & then Soar! (Leave Develop)
Know, Your Cup is so Precious
Allow in only Forgiveness
Thankfulness, Compassion,
Hope, Joy, and a whole lot of Love

This Is Your Cup, of Your Life’s making, (Pour L into R)
Cheers! Drink up!

© 2017 Mona Jean Cedar

Mona Jean Cedar composes and choreographs spoken word poetry with sign languages. She holds an AA in Dance, an AS in Sign Language Interpreting, a BS in Deaf Studies from CSUN, attended the Julliard School in New York City for Theatrical Interpreting and the National Theater of the Deaf.  For fun, she creates multi-communicative performances with her husband’s original music, has performed at many Burning Man festivals, slammed and interpreted in the National Poetry Slam Finals, interpreted for the Women of the World Slams, and represented the USA at an International Slam in Paris. France.  Ms. Cedar is “poetry in motion”.

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