Sunday, March 19, 2017

National Women's Month: A Five Part Collaboration between AJ Meier Welch and Marie C Lecrivain

Sad Monday People from the series “Drawings of a Mad Saleswoman”, © 2017 AJ Meier Welch (7 x 10 ink on bristol paper).

After AJ Meier Welch’s “Sad Monday People”

One day, I may write you a letter.
And maybe, you’ll do the same,
mailed from the other side of nowhere,
passed through endless machines
and many hands, until one day,
we both arrive to our homes,
sore and bone tired with nothing
to look forward to except piles
of dirty laundry and dishes, dust balls
and a tall monolith of overdue bills,
seated like a judge on the kitchen table.

One day, I’ll find your letter to me,
and hopefully, you’ll find my epistle to you
at the bottom of that stack. We’ll carefully
pick up the other’s missive, and ponder
the grimy edges, the stamp overlaid by
a bulky bureaucratic seal, and a heel mark
on the lower left hand corner from where
the mail carrier trampled it in the rain.

We’ll hold each other’s gift in our hands,
breath caught in our throats,
and smile quietly at the miracle
of one woman reaching out to another,
as we weave ourselves into
the tapestry of quiet endless voices
who sing of sisterhood in the dark.

© 2017 marie c lecrivain

     AJ Meier Welch is a writer with a MA in Literature and Literary Theory from NYU, a photographer, and self-taught artist. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her family. For information/or purchase, you can find her work on FB, and Instagram at drawing_daisies_and_dogs
     AJMW: "As a writer, I used painting to escape from writing. By arranging sequences of colors in varying sized, complex patterns, I found an easability of expression that I had yet to acheive through the written word. Later, abandoning patterns, I moved to a free expression of color through instinctual relationships. What I explore in my work are these relationships. Through painting, I connect at a root level with the purest stimulant for emotions and feeling: color. I believe very strongly that colors and color combinations are deeply embedded in the human psyche as part of our emotional response mechanism. My study of color blended with my natural inclination to shapes and lines - I wondered how I could create depth when I'm at ease. My latest series has been going for almost two years and is titled "Drawings of a Mad Saleswoman." My photography allows me to create emotion without words. I love being behind the lens. "

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