Tuesday, March 28, 2017

National Women's Month: Part Four in the Five-Part Collaboration between AJ Meier Welch and Marie C Lecrivain

What” (9 x12) from the series “Drawings of a Mad Saleswoman”© 2017 AJ Meier Welch, watercolor ink and pen on Bristol paper

After AJ Meier Welch’s “What?”

(dedicated to Eric Arthur Blair)

We’re all born with the same question;
What?, (usually followed by why?),
into a world full of questions
asked by others who have access
to a handful of hard-won truths,
and volumes of fables renamed history.

We all have a list of unanswered questions
that plague us in our deepest moments
of despair, startled awake at 4 am,
bathed in angry sweat and tears,
and we ask ourselves:
What happened?
What did I do?
What have I become?

We can grieve the loss of
the best part of ourselves,
the child of wonder we all once were,
tucked away in the most careful
and protected part of the soul,
surrounded by as many questions
as there are leaves on the trees of eternity


we can become that child again

© 2017 marie c lecrivain

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