Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020: National Women's Month: Diana Rosen's poem "Spider Woman"

Spider Woman

She tats filaments for her web, delicate
beaded threads, attached to a prized corner
until a mosquito hovers too close. LUNCH!

Her spinnerets exude just enough liquid to spin
her geometric magic to stretch a new web
from the wall to the back of the sofa. WHAM!

Her new web collapses under the indifferent mop
of the cleaning lady attacking dust balls, dirt,
the detritus of life behind the couch. TRAPPED!

She struggles within the confines of the ropey mop
now shaken onto the porch where our heroine hits
the silk to safety, spies her next snack magnet:

a ceiling lamp she camouflages with filigreed radial
lines, graceful orbs, urgent gossamer touches like a
painter hurrying to finish before the oncoming rain.

© 2020 Diana Rosen

"night spinner" by marie c lecrivain

Bio: DIANA ROSEN’s forthcoming publications include an essay in the anthology, “Far Villages,” and poems in The Reform Jewish Quarterly, Existere Journal of Art & Literature, Words for the Wild (UK), the art and poetry anthology, “Book of Sighs,” and her hybrid of prose and poetry will be published by Redbird Chapbooks as "Love & Irony". Recent publications include a flash fiction in The Jewish Literary Journal and poems in Poesis Journal and As It Ought To Be Magazine. You can view both her fiction and nonfiction work on www.authorty.com/dianarosen

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